In Armenia Lorena farm, after the use of "Vermicompost Tea" has been avoided the use of chemical triazole fungicides for rust control, for almost 3 years and has allowed to improve the quality of the coffee crop and the weight of the coffee. Grains, color improvement, quality and greater, resistance to the post harvest handling of the foliage, pasture and other agricultural export products.the performance and quality.

Compost Oxygen Tank

The oxygenation tank consists of an equipment built with safety protocols and the use of a catalyst which extra effectively nutrients.

Control of Roya in the coffee

The "vermicompost tea" produced in Growing Solutions systems has a biofungicidal function, acting by contact, in a preventive-curative way, evidenced by provoking color changes (necrotic) of the pustules until eliminating them forming a protective layer on the ace and the Instead of the leaves of the coffee.


It is defined as a substance that increases the speed of reactions; Is a blend of ingredients formulated to stimulate the growth of microbial tea production. The composition is algae extract and mineral powder with botanical ingredients.

Advantages of Vermicompost

Pollination in coffee is determinant for the production of fruits; The constant use of chemical fungicides causes a decrease in the number of pollinators in an accelerated way, and it threatens the production of coffee, since it is estimated that without pollinators, no fruits are produced or fruits of low quality would be produced.

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Growing Solutions Incorporated develops and distributes products related to sustainable agriculture. As an emerging technology supplier, we offer systems used worldwide to produce crops without environmental damage. We specialize in Compost Tea Equipment-including our proprietary Compost Tea Systems-suitable for a wide range of industry applications

Growing Solutions

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  • Technical advice on Vermicompost Tea applications.
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Advantages Vermicompost

  • Control

    Control Roya in coffee

  • Protection for the coffee grower

    Promotes the personal safety of coffee farmers (health-non-toxic).

  • Resilience

    Generates crop resilience to conditions.

  • Higher performance

    Improves coffee yield.

  • Saving

    Reduce production costs considerably.

  • Improve quality

    It recovers and improves the quality of the soil and of the plantation.

  • Biodiversity

    It promotes the existence of pollinating insects (biodiversity).

  • Recovery

    It helps the plant to recover from damage caused by pests and diseases.

  • Permanence

    Ensures the permanence of the production through the years.